ADSL - High-speed Internet

When it comes to efficient service and stability, DataBoss is in a class of it own. An example of this is our up-time (October 2001 to October 2002), our ADSL was collectively down for only 54 hours and 37 minutes (that's two days, six hours and thirty seven minutes) an average of just over a minute a day versus other services providers having days of down time for their clients. Almost two days of that entire period were only a reduction in services, meaning, that Internet access was still available, but at reduced speeds.

We understand that many businesses can't afford to be down for any length of time, which is why we offer a 99% uptime guarantee*. In short, our ADSL service is lightening fast, always on and extremely dependable.

Please view our pricing options or contact us directly to discuss the type of service that will best fit you (or your company's) needs.

Dedicated Access - High-speed Internet

Sometimes a direct connection is needed, and in those times ADSL is just enough. With ISDN and T1 services, we can offer you or your company the absolute best in dedicated access. Please call for more information and pricing.

*Restrictions apply, and conditions have to be met in accordance with the client access agreement


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