DataBoss currently provides High Speed ADSL Internet access at three speeds:

1.5 Mbps @ $44.95 *per month
2.5 Mbps @ $69.95 *per month and
4.0 Mbps @ $169.95 *per month.

You will require an ADSL Modem and a NIC (Network) card (please call for pricing if you do not have these items and DataBoss will be happy to provide them to you). Please note, some computers already have an Integrated NIC card eliminating the need to purchase one.

ADSL is a very fast constantly connected, never shared Internet connection. Allowing you to still dial out and receive phone calls using the same phone line while you are surfing or checking your email. It also does not matter how many people are on line as your connection is a dedicated one linked to you directly unlike some shared connections, for example Cable based Internet access. You will also have the advantage of being protected behind our Firewall while you surf at average speeds over 150 times faster than a standard dial-up modem. If you're running a home network with a hub, then you will have the ability to have all the computers in your network connected at the same time.
You will also have access to our 24/7 help line to guide you through anything Internet based problems you may be experiencing, our technical department is also available at our location to troubleshoot, solve or improve on any hardware or software issues you may be having.

Please contact us for more details with regards to signing up for our ADSL service. We will require the phone number of the line you propose to add the service to and, of course, your name, phone number, and address including Postal Code.

Dedicated Internet Access

We can provide either Dedicated ISDN or Dedicated through Frame Relay or Switched

Please contact us for further details and pricing on Dedicated Service.

* 6% GST will be added to all prices.


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